Saturday, May 29, 2010

Entrobi Turn In

Well, I know I still have A LOT to do on the textures, and I plan to work on them a little bit this weekend but this is what I ended up turning in due to the lack of time to continue working on it. Turn in was noon yesterday ,and I wish I had lots more time than what I did to make it look 10 times more awesome. I might also work on a walk cycle cause I had to rig it for one of my other classes. I animated an Idle cycle but didn't turn out how I wanted . I'm just full of awesome this week>.<. Hope you like :P

Saturday, May 22, 2010


Here are the different colors of the four major tribes. Different characters from said tribes will shortly follow.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Here is the warrior picture, done today in photoshop. The red on his mask indicates that he is from the same clan as the priestess.
Sometime soon I want to flesh out the clan systems and names. for now its all just color coded. Gonna probably try and draw the ranger/hunter next. :)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Done in photo shop testing out my new tablet. Haven't really done my characters in any kind of environment before.
This is a humanoid from the same jungle as the Entrobi and Yelt. She is a high priestess within her clan. Tomorrow or the next day
I'll try and draw a warrior from the same clan.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Evolve CG!

Here are beginnings of a concept I'm going to start working on...just a rough out with black and and white. Inspired by Kekai Kotaki. I was at Evolve CG today and one of the "lectures" I went to was on concept art and he was the one speaking. He is an AMAZING concept artist and I learned a lot about his work flow and I'm going to test it out in my free time.

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Okay, so I drew an herbivore creature...So now, I decided to draw a predator from the same environment. A nocturnal, feline, pack hunting predator. The Yelt is a small cat like creature that has 6 radial claws on the front paws, and 5 radial claws on the hind paws for easy climbing through dense jungle. The front paw has a rear talon, much like raptor or bird of prey. Yelts attack from the canopies gliding down with front paws, rear talon out. They have a small rounded tail that is a lighter color that the rest of their body, and is used for signaling the rest of the pack like a deer. Unlike a normal cat with the nose on the front of the snout, they have a larger nose the takes up a majority of the snout and is its main way to track its prey. Its eyes are hard and luminescent, more like ocular stones making it near impossible to blind. It relies on scent and sight more than hearing, and evolution has rendered it deaf, the ears are a defense making passers by assume it can hear them walking by. More drawings should be up soon, I hope to make a character sheet for it as well.
Special thanks to my friend Mer for the name

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Entrobi - PrePro Sheet

Here is the concept sheet we had to do for class. 3 silhouettes, 3 orthographic and 3 different color pallets. A short bio, name, and RGB numbers corresponding with a color key. Still debating if I want to change up my main color scheme or not.
Completed 5/12/10

Friday, May 7, 2010

Light Practical A

Here is an idea for a light practical to use in my atlantis level. I'll probably model a few logs or sticks to put in the top then put a fire particle in it to make it look nifty.
928 tris, modeled in Maya 2010.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Project 1

For our first lab we were to make an under 500 tri count animal. Got bored and did it for homework^_^ hope its up to their standards when I get to lab wednesday morning.

- Fennec Fox -
496 tris - modeled in Maya 2010

Wolf - Its made out of POLYS!

Today for a class exercise, we were given a picture of a wolf and told to draw it out in polygon primitives. For those of you not 3D savvy, thats basic 3d shapes like cubes, cones and spheres.
We were then told to render it, or shade is. here is my poly wolf.^_^


Here is a concept that I am going to be fleshing out / making into a 3d model for this months classes. Sadly Blogspot is posting these out of order...The top image is the final ideration that I'm going to be working off of, where as the bottom picture is the original concept. Middleman will stay the middle man. the creature is an Entrobi, a mount used for crossing through jungles and plains at night. The neck armor and helm have a those round globe things that store light particles during the day and emit light after the sun has left the sky. It is also common for the riders to hang a lantern off of the back of the saddle for rear lighting. Originally the creature wasn't really based off much. When I started to flesh out the design I pulled specific parts from specific already existing animals. Iteration 2(the middle man) is the original creatures I pulled from the original concept. The head is the shape of a squirrel, the ears are from a Fennec Fox, the neck from a swan, the body from a Great Dane(Dog), and the tail from a lion. As I got to researching and fleshing it out more, I decided that for the body, where a Great Dane is pretty cool, I would rather something bigger and more built for riding. For iteration 2, the top picture, I switched out the body of a Great Dane with that of Clydesdale. When I get around to drawing it more, I'm going to re-draw up the armor to give it more of a beast of burden fee. The helm is going to have blinders and more resemble a Falconry Hood(google it :P) Enjoy. And yes mom, I'm using the Invader Zim sketchbook :)