Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Greetings Strange World!

Well then. Its been a while. First I put a WIP tab on my website cause someone told me to, then a bunch of people advised against it. SO. Here is where I'm going to be posting WIP art.

That being said, I have been crazy busy.Shortly after graduating from Full Sail University I signed on to be an intern to help develop a mobile game for the company Nuclei, INC. I can't show any of THAT work until the game releases so all of that stuff will be going straight to my website and skipping the blog stage. On top of that, the company will be holding an Indie Game summit to promote the game sometime in September, and soon as flyers are done I will be posting them everywhere I can. I will be speaking at the summit about the work I did and my texture process. I'm going have a blast sharing all the knowledge I can.

Other than that, I have also been working a part time job to pay for bills and stuff so I don't have a ton of stuff to post about. I am wanting to work on a bunch of side projects that I would love to put on my demo reel. I have gathered some reference and will be trying to work on a nifty little alien atrium that will be a big atrium that looks like its part of a spaceship and full of alien flora. Here's a start of a plant.

I also have been planning on making a creature(concept by a my good friend) and have been wanting to for a while go through one of my favorite books and make a couple of the characters from it. The Book is called Sabriel and I have always thought it was an awesome concept and would make a killer movie....or trilogy since its a trilogy of books.

I think that's all. Hope to post more soon. :)