Saturday, June 26, 2010

Random Egypt Level!

So last night between 9pm and 4:30 AM I was at school to help my team mates for our actual level, but I wasn't really in my spare time I made this. The statue was something else I made during the month by itself, and the rest of the statics in the scene are assets I made for my teams level and the BSP textures(the floor and wall textures) are tiling textures I made at the start of the night. All assets and textures withing this level were created by me during the month or last night. I also lit it and added the slightly yellow post process volume to give it the ancient temple feel. The particles and lights all move and flicker...but I can't show that in a still picture.I had a lot of fun with this last night and I hope you enjoy :)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Asset 3 : Pillar

Here is my asset sheet for my pillar in that level clipping I previously posted. For those who don't know how exactly a game engine or 3D program works, I'll explain from left to right top to bottom. and those of you who do know can skip to the next paragraph or simply gaze at the picture. Left top is the in game model, what the asset looks like while you're playing the game. Next to it is a Diffuse Map, or color map. The term has recently been switching around so I decided to use both. Its what your asset will basically look like. Next to that is the Specular map, which basically tells you what places are going to be shiny, how shiny, and what color shine its going to have. Then, next to that, is the Normal Map. The normal map is an RGB image that basically lets the computer read depth on the object. It won't actually give depth TO the object but it will cause the illusion that it has that depth. On the bottom left is the material set up for this asset in the UDK engine. This is how the engine knows what maps do what, and if they get masked off, and how to read them. There is also where you add cool effects like glowing and distortion if you want to. And last but not least is the Height map. This is simply how I generated my normal map in Photo Shop with the Nvidia Normal Map filter. I hope you now get the basic idea of why I needed these for turn, if not feel free to ask.

I generated my normal, specular, and height map in Photo Shop using different filters and layers to get the look I wanted. Due to the fact my Diffuse/Color map had so much detail I felt it was better to generate it in photoshop rather than ZBrush so that all my dents and bumps would match up exactly.

Thanks for looking and I hope you enjoyed the technical side of my Pillar

Structural Assets

Today was Individual C turn in. We had to have our 4 structural assets completed, with full texture maps in Unreal Development Kit(UDK). I thought it was due this morning so I freaked out getting it all done last night, to find out towards the end of an open lab that it wasn't due until after lab today. So I had a whole 4 hour lab to polish these assets up and they still feel unfinished to me. This isn't part of our level or anything, this picture I took at home simply placing my assets over the BSP surface of the bare level, and throwing a couple point lights in the game. The floor and ceiling textures though ARE from our level and I by no means did them. The floor and ceiling textures were done by my team member Dinesh Nannapaneni. Thanks Dinesh for being an awesome texture artist for our level :) For our level I am the Technical artist, so sadly I most likely won't be showing you my work on our level until I figure out how to make movies from the screen. I'll post a couple of my asset sheets in a moment to show you how these static meshes are set up in the UDK engine.
Individual C turn in completed... BWUAHAHAHA ^_^ and now for Beta turn in on saturday morning.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Decorative Turn in

Here are the first couple of assets for LDE this month. Still have some texture and UV work to do. The Tree needs UV work, the lamp is too colorful. The colorful lamp thing is going to have logs and fire in it. There is going to be more trees and vines for our level. These are in unreal with basic materials applied.

Light Practical (lamp thingy) - 1768 tris
Tree - 768 tris