Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Alien Atrium - Blocking Start

Started to block out some of the structures and lights I'm going to have in the atrium. Modeled in Maya, placed in UDK.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Time is Lacking

Long time no post, I know. Been crazy busy. I had to take on a part time job while working for Nuclei since we are currently unpaid. I'm perfectly fine with that, experience is needed. So working, and then working when I get home, and working working working. Haven't really had the time to jump start the projects I've been wanting to. Hopefully, I'll be able to post some of my work for the game soon, or at least get some personal work done. Tata for now :)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Greetings Strange World!

Well then. Its been a while. First I put a WIP tab on my website cause someone told me to, then a bunch of people advised against it. SO. Here is where I'm going to be posting WIP art.

That being said, I have been crazy busy.Shortly after graduating from Full Sail University I signed on to be an intern to help develop a mobile game for the company Nuclei, INC. I can't show any of THAT work until the game releases so all of that stuff will be going straight to my website and skipping the blog stage. On top of that, the company will be holding an Indie Game summit to promote the game sometime in September, and soon as flyers are done I will be posting them everywhere I can. I will be speaking at the summit about the work I did and my texture process. I'm going have a blast sharing all the knowledge I can.

Other than that, I have also been working a part time job to pay for bills and stuff so I don't have a ton of stuff to post about. I am wanting to work on a bunch of side projects that I would love to put on my demo reel. I have gathered some reference and will be trying to work on a nifty little alien atrium that will be a big atrium that looks like its part of a spaceship and full of alien flora. Here's a start of a plant.

I also have been planning on making a creature(concept by a my good friend) and have been wanting to for a while go through one of my favorite books and make a couple of the characters from it. The Book is called Sabriel and I have always thought it was an awesome concept and would make a killer movie....or trilogy since its a trilogy of books.

I think that's all. Hope to post more soon. :)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

GCA Critique Day 01 Screen Captures

Here are some screen shots of my environment thus far, still have a lot of zbrush and texture work to do but its coming along nicely. Time for over drive mode! Wish me luck :)

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Continuation of GCA

Sooooo yeah....that church I posted earlier as the start to my project. I scrapped it. I found a much better focal aspect to my graveyard inspired by the Afterglow Vista Mausoleum. So that is what I have been working on this past week on top of game project assets. Below is a screen shot of the start of the graveyard block out. I still have a bunch of assets to place in the scene as well as some possible different lighting going on. Enjoy ^_^

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Start to GCA

Here is the start to my Game Cinematic class (GCA). I am doing an old graveyard with a church and some trees in it, and this is the main part of the church. I still have to make the steeple for it and everything but its a start. Modeled in Maya 2009 and has a 188 tri count. Huzzah for low poly models! brought it into zbrush and painted on the bricks, roof tiles, window detail, and the upper trim piece on the roof. Made the textures in Photo Shop CS5 then brought it all into Unreal Development Kit (UDK). Enjoy ^_^

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Here is a mock up of all the assets I had a hand in making or completely made for the Dark Brethren side of our map. The only piece I did not model is the huts in the back, and all of the textures are my own. W00t!

And here is a mock up of all the Blessed assets I worked on for the game, excluding the power core. The huts and arched walls were modeled by a fellow team member and all the textures I did. Huzzah!

And place them all in the map...

Blessed Pylon

And here is the Blessed variation of the pylon on its base with some crystal clusters. Modeled in Maya 2009, textured in Photo Shop CS5. W00tW00t!

Blessed Minion Hut

These are the Blessed equivalent of the minion spawning huts. They were modeled by a team member and handed off to me for texturing. HUZZAH! Modeled in Maya 2009 and textured in Photo Shop CS5.

Blessed Power Core

Well here it is! The Blessed Power Core. The Objective of our game is to fight through hordes of minions and the opposing champion to destroy the opposing champion's power core. Modeled in Maya 2009 and textured in Photo Shop CS5.

Blessed Wall and Wall Break Ups

This is the wall break up that is placed in between the wall sections in the places where the wall arch is too narrow for the wall break up below.

This is the wall break up that is placed between wall sections when the wall arches are wide enough.

The wall section is placed through out the blessed side of the map, segmented by the break ups above.

The wall was modeled by a team mate and the job to texture was handed off to me. The wall break ups and textures were made by me. All assets were modeled in Maya 2009 and textures were created in Photo Shop CS5. Enjoy ^_^

Shield Control Points

The shield control point for our game. In game the more control points under your control the faster your shields regenerate around your power core. In game the control point swaps between a Dark Brethren, Blessed, and Neutral texture to show the player who controls what. Modeled in Maya 2009, textures done in Photo Shop CS5.

Dark Brethren Pylon

Here is a pylon and base that will be placed outside of the walls on the Dark Brethren side of the map. The crystal clusters are separate pieces that can be taken off of the base and placed around the level to break up the look of the lane. Modeled in Maya 2009 and textured in Photo Shop CS5.

Dark Brethren Hut

Here is a picture of the hut where the dark brethren minions will spawn from in the base. This piece was modeled by another team member and handed to me to texture. Enjoy^_^

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Walls and break ups oh my!

Here are a couple pieces I am currently working on for the video game I am in production on.

The wall will be placed half way around the level and the other piece will be placed in between the walls to break up the lines.Let me know what you think :)

Monday, January 10, 2011

Been a while!

Its been a while since last I posted anything, I know. This is because I have got to posting my completed works on my website Feel free to take a peek see if you wish to. And on that note, I am on posting to say that this blog will now be used for all projects I am currently working on for critiques and the like.

Now for the good stuff, what I have been up to these past months away from the blog.
For one, I have continued on at Full Sail University and am currently on Game Project 1 with a team of my peers to make a video game. Its been awesome these past few months working with them and concepting the idea of the game to the point of actually making it. I will be posting work for the game and pieces I am working on as I go. As well as that I have started working on my project for Game Cinematic Assets, though I haven't had much time to go about doing that. I will also be posting pictures of that as I go along, especially since I will be actually taking that class next month.

So that's about all of the artsy stuff going on at the moment, I'll be posting more soon. Enjoy :)