Monday, January 10, 2011

Been a while!

Its been a while since last I posted anything, I know. This is because I have got to posting my completed works on my website Feel free to take a peek see if you wish to. And on that note, I am on posting to say that this blog will now be used for all projects I am currently working on for critiques and the like.

Now for the good stuff, what I have been up to these past months away from the blog.
For one, I have continued on at Full Sail University and am currently on Game Project 1 with a team of my peers to make a video game. Its been awesome these past few months working with them and concepting the idea of the game to the point of actually making it. I will be posting work for the game and pieces I am working on as I go. As well as that I have started working on my project for Game Cinematic Assets, though I haven't had much time to go about doing that. I will also be posting pictures of that as I go along, especially since I will be actually taking that class next month.

So that's about all of the artsy stuff going on at the moment, I'll be posting more soon. Enjoy :)

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